Friday, February 18, 2011

A very special card

A little while ago, a colleague and friend asked for a very special card. Her best friend had just passed away from cancer and she wanted a card to lie together with her flowers by the coffin at the funeral. A very special request and soooo delicate! It really had to be just right and I really had performance anxiety about this, but it turned out pretty good, I think! My friend had requested the card to be pink and she also had chosen the picture with the angels.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new Christmas-card

I made yet another Christmas-card. It's good to make them this early - no stress! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last weekend, I visited my sister in Oslo, Norway. She had turned 40 and I had created a little scrap-book album with 16 pages for her, with pictures from our child-hood. It was a lot of work but she really appreciated it, so it was well worth while!

Down below are some of the layouts I gave her...

"Klellell" is what I used to call her when we were kids. I am only 15 months older, so I wasn't able to pronounce her name "Christina" very well...

Her and me both at our grandparent's house

The house where we grew up - well, at least until I was 13!

Celebrating Lucia...

Christina's birthday, she got a new bicycle and of course we had to get out in our nighties to try it!

My goodness, we were soooo happy with our new hair-do's! (I'm the one to the left)

Last day in school before the summer-break and we were all dressed up! Fancy shoes as well, eh?