Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've got a job!

OMG, almost a whole month since I last updated my blog! I am so sorry, everybody!

I have good news to tell you, though. Some of you know that I have been on sick-leave for 5 years now, due to a burnout-depression. Now I have been work-training since September 2008 and it goes really well. I am an educated Social-worker and it's not the easiest field of work, but I am happy to say it has been great. And now I have been offered a temporary job at the very same office where I have been work-training (which is also my old job). I am sooo happy for that! I am back!! The employment will start April 1st, and until then I will continue work-training 75% of fulltime.

The deco up above is a "Ballet"-deco that I made for a swap, and sent to France!