Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Winter again!

We have winter again, here in Sweden! All winter months have passed, and we didn't get much snow - the kids couldn't go skiing or bob-sleighing, so the winter sucked for them! And now, when we want spring and Easter has passed, we get snow... And cold! The temperature is close to zero or below (in Celsius - in Farenheit it's below 30). We don't like this at all...

Well, I made a couple of Rubberstamped Flower decos for a swap in my own Swedish group. This is a rubberstamp from Penny Black that I borrowed from a friend (thanks so much Mia, it's lovely!). I hope you like it - I do!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I got tagged by CreaMaria, so here's a few questions I need to answer:

1) Are you a cardmaker or a scrapper? I do make some cards and I've scrapped about 3 LO's. But mostly I make decos and recently some ATC's!

2) Favourite colour you like to use? No - I like almost every colour. It depends on the card/LO/deco/ATC - what theme there is and what picture I'm going to use...

3) What decorations can't you live without? Prima flowers! I use them everywhere, and bundles of them!

4) What is you best buy? My wonderful Fiskars Papercutter! I don't understand how I could manage without it!

5) Anything you regret that you bought? Hmmm... I have to think... Not that I can think of right now - must have supressed it! LOL!

6) What kind of motifs do you like to scrap/stamp if you get to choose? Well, if I get to stamp I like things that are cute, like Penny Black, but not too cute like the Swedish "hÄnglar" stamps... And about decos, I like artistic ones, where you get to use your creativity and imagination!

7) Is there any craft-paper you like to buy? I have bought a couple of issues of the Swedish Scrapbooking m.m, but since I'm not that into scrapping, it's not what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of buying a subscription of some American craft-paper... Or the British "Cards".

8) Favourite craft-blog? Wow, there are soooo many! Check the bloglist on the side!

9) What/who inspires you? Other blogs, other peoples work, decos, craft-papers...

10) If you got a 1000 SEK (1oo EUR, 143 $, 70 £) to buy craft supplies, what would you buy? Eeehhh... probably a QK Revolution or something like that...

Now I want to tag Annelie (Cat Anne), Samrana (My Arty Budoir) and Mette (Jag och mitt liv)!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Flower decosquare

This is a "flower decosquare" that I made for a swap a wile ago. I had this beautiful rose that I stamped on watercolour-paper and then watercoloured. I can't remember what brand the stamp is - does anybody know?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Easter card

Today it's been a lovely weather here - sunny and nice! I've made the terrace nice - wiped off the table, put on a cloth, put cushions on the sofa and the chairs and also a rag rug on the floor. It looks so nice, i hope the weather will be good tomorrow as well, so i can sit there and write letters!

Today I've also made an Easter card!