Saturday, September 27, 2008

White lamb

This time I wanted to show a "White animals" deco that I made for my Swedish group, SvenskaDecos. Isn't it cute?
Not much has happened here since I last posted. The bad cold is gone so everything is back to normal again. Work-training is going fine, I really enjoy being back in the game again, even thought I will have less time for crafting. But on the other hand I will eventually get more money to spend on craft-supplies! Yay! Not yet though - first I have to prove to myself and others that I am ready to work...
Oh, I almost forgot - I have been tagged by my dear friend Diane in Canada! I am asked to list 7 random things about myself... So here goes:
1) I used to be a vegetarian, from the age 8-19. Then I moved away from home, got lazy and became a regular meat-eater...
2) Professionally I am a social-worker.
3) I did my internship in Pennsylvania, USA.
4) I love to sing! I sing in the church-choir and also take on solo-performances for weddings, funerals and such.
5) My lucky number is 8.
6) I have been into stamping and decoing for about 1½ years now, and I am totally addicted.
7) I run two yahoo-groups - LovelyDecos and SvenskaDecos. They are about swapping decos, ATCs and decosquares.
Now I should pass this on to 7 people... It is very hard to choose, but I ask these 7:
I would be thrilled if you wanted to play, but if not - that's fine too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 cards

I have made 2 cards recently - among all other things I've made, like decos, ATCs and decosquares! This one above is a gift-voucher that I made for my mom, who wanted to give away a massage... The angel-stamp is designed by my dear friend Maria, isn't it beautiful?! I think the stamp-company is RePrint. I can't remember where I got the paper - is it Tilda design? Anyway, the ribbon I got from my monthly package from Sykompaniet/Apidae, the Punchinella from Hobby & Hantverk, the flower from Magdas Scrapbooking, the button from Timarii and the letter-stickers are from Panduro. What a mix, eh?

The second card is the first Christmas-card of the year!! Both the back-groupd paper and the picture are from Crafty Individuals, they are soooo beautiful! The ribbon and the triangle-paper are both bought at Timarii.
The work-training is going fine, but I have come down with this terrible cold, so I had to stay at home yesterday instead of going to work. My nose is rinning besides being completely stuffed, I have a bad cough and I sneeze a lot. I hope it will pass soooooon, this is so tiring!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work-training again!

Yesterday I started working again! Well, it's actually work-training, but it can lead to work in the long run. It's at my old job and it feels sooooo good to be back! I've really missed my colleagues and the daily chit-chat! To begin with, I will only work 10 hours a week and it will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10-14 (with a little break for lunch in the middle). And later on I will increase the hours and take upon more responsibility etc. And eventually, I might work there for REAL again!

OK, the card above is one I made for a friend who had her birthday earlier this month. I was really happy with the card. The heart was made by using my new coluzzle - that I bought from a sale I bumped into in France! Hope you liked the card as well!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The winner is...

To get the winner of the blogcandy, I simply went to and let it choose for me! And the winner for the blogcandy is........
DIANE! Thanks to everybody who commented, it was really nice to see who read my blog!
Diane, sweetie - I do have your snail-mail address, but somehow I have lost your last name! LOL! So would you please give me that and I will get the kitty-cat out as soon as possible! And some nice papers as well!
The deco above is of the theme "Poetry", so I chose a lovely poem from Katherine Mansfield, printed it on my computer, then tore it out so the edges would be rough, inked the edges with different kinds of brown and sprayed on some shimmer-mist. The paper with text under the poem is from a decoupage-paper I bought a while ago. I'm pretty happy with the result!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yuhooooo!!!!! Blog-candy!

My blog has got over 5000 visitors! That is something I will have to celebrate with some blog-candy! If you leave a comment on THIS post - Sunday night 23,59 at the latest, then you can win this cat-stamp (see above). I have got 2, so the one I will give away is unused. It's from HeroArt and it's mounted on wood. I will also toss in some nice papers... Go ahead and take a chance!