Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yesterday I was visiting a friend (a fabulous crafter and the maker of this blog. We had a wonderful day with crafting and talking. Sollan, I love you! :) 

So these 2 layouts I came up with. First, a layout of one of my cats, named Felix. When he was a kitten, he found a shoebox in my craftroom, that he liked to lay in. As he grew bigger, the box became increasingly tighter for him, until it broke altoghether. However, he never seemed to get the connection of himself growing bigger, he probably thought I made the box smaller...

The next layout is a photo from our Christmas-celebrations in the 80:s. Weird, you think?! Well, there's a story to it, of course: My uncle had put 2 enormous, heavy parcels under the Christmas-tree, destined to myself and my sister. We were very curious and intrigued to as what it would be inside. And it turned out that he had put in some pice of wood and then a bag of potatoe-chips in each of them... He's very funny, my uncle... 

And here she is! At this very moment she is excited about a ribbon that was the exact right colour, hence the funny looking expression... And hmmm, don't look at the almost empty candy-bowl. We did NOT eat it all - her family took more than half! ;)

And tomorrow it's time to get back to work again, after having one week off... Feels strange!