Sunday, September 18, 2011

Challenge at Skapa Hobby!

Another Christmas-card! This one I made for a challenge at Skapa Hobby. I was inspired by the lay-out, the repeated elements (in their card butterflies, in my card hearts), the text on the background and the torn edges. The card ended up not too Christmassy, but if you're Swedish you can read the Christmassy words in the background! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cards and prices

My goodness, a whole month since I last posted here! Time flies!

I have got an order for 8 Christmas-cards, so I'm working on them. One of them is the one above. People at work tend to like my cards, so I decided to up the price. For two reasons: if they are a little more expensive, people might not order so many, and that would give me more time for my own cards. And also, cardmaking IS artwork and it should be treated like that. And people should pay for it. It's so easy to say that I do it just for fun and it's fun that people like it as well. And it IS! But it's also much work involved, and the papers, embellishments and ribbons are not inexpensive either!