Friday, August 19, 2011

Christmas in August

I made a Christmas-card! Yes, we still have long ways to go until Christmas, but you can never start making them too early! This one I made for a challenge at Altheas Mix. This week the "theme" was free (well, it should be Christmassy)... I came up with this, a pretty simple card, but I think it's cute! What you cannot tell from the photo is that I did put some stickles on the frogs' hats, on the white "fluff", just to add the extra bling I thought the card needed...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So much have happened recently. My mom and her husband Örjan was involved in a traffic-accident 3 weeks ago, and it was really scary. They got hit from behind on the motorway - the young man that hit them was probably speeding like **** and hdid not pay enough attention to the traffic in front of him. Mom and Örjan both ended up in hospital. Mom was released the same night, Örjan was kept at the hospital for observation but they sent him home the day after. Still, he didn't get any better, only worse, so after a couple of days mom called the ambulance again and they came and got him (at 3 AM). They gave him another X-ray and it showed he had a broken rib that had punctured one of his lungs. Then they emptied the lung of 7 deciliters of blood... One wonders how on earth they could have missed that on the previous hospital!? Those were very nervous days, but now he's fine after the circumstances. Well, you can tell by the photo of the car how bad the crash was! I am soooo glad to still have my mom alive!

Oh well, I won't talk only of accidents and car-crashes - here's a card that was ordered by a colleague of mine. It's a birthday-card and it turned out pretty good, I think!