Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This past week it has really been SUMMER! It's been really hot (around 30 degrees C, which is nearly 100 F) and sunny. I was hoping for some thunder-storms - yes I LOVE thunder-storms - but nope... Not here. Today it's slightly cooler - around 28 degrees C...
Mats had a small accident with his foot the other night. he was jumping off a stone-wall and came down badly. His foot hurt very much, but somehow he managed to drive home anyway... Today I forced him to see a doctor, because the foot was very swollen and it hurt very much. He had the foot X-rayed as well, but luckily it was not broken. Now he's got crutches to get moving and I also put his foot in a bandage. He's quite grumpy but very cute! LOL!
The deco above is a "Summer" deco that I made for my own group LovelyDecos. I like that stamp very much, thanks Maria for letting me borrow it!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Now I'm back from vacation! As usual we had a car-vacation and this year we headed to France. We focused mainly on Normandy and visited lots of war-museums and cemeteries from the WW2. Kind of depressing, but very good to see! At the end of the trip we went to Paris for 3 days, which was as nice as always!

So, now that I'm home again I have a little difficulty in getting back into crafting - strange, I would have thought the opposite! It might have to do with the heat though - today we have had a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius! That is way too hot for me! But I did manage to craft a little - like this Picasso-deco that I made for my Swedish yahoo-group SvenskaDecos. It turned out pretty nice, I'm happy with it!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


After a few intense weeks with visitors from Germany (Hi Katha!) and Norway (Hi Marthe!) I'm back to normal again. Well, not THAT normal, since my son Gustav is having summer-break and is home all days. Well, mostly he's out playing with his friends, thank goodness! But it's still a lot to do - fixing food, washing clothes etc - more than when he's not here!
When Marthe from Norway was here we had really fun making lots and lots of decos and ATCs! For example, I made the deco above - it's a "My favourite rubberstamp" deco that I made for my Swedish yahoo-group SvenskaDecos. I'm very pleased with how it came out! Marthe, I can't wait to come and visit you and have another deco-making marathon! I just need to save up for the air-fare and all that shopping...