Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have made a few layouts lately! Two of them are of my lovely cats. This first one is of Sixten and his sister Signe. They were always so cuddly and cute with each other. Then one day, Signe was hit by a car and we had to decide to take her away. It was such a hard decision! 

About two years after Signe was taken away from us, we decided to get another cat to keep Sixten company. We found this little fellow, his name was Felix and this is his first Christmas. He was so happy to lie under the Christmas-tree with all the Christmas-gifts! Then two years ago, he just disappeared. We think he must have been hit by a car or something like that. It's sad, though... Now we only have Sixten left and I think we will keep it that way, He and Felix never got along very well anyway...